Making Health Simple for Mamas

A simple one scoop solution for a busy mama's postpartum nutrition and lactation journey.

Making Health Simple for Mamas

A simple one scoop solution for a busy mama's postpartum nutrition and lactation journey.

Making Health Simple for Mamas

A simple one scoop solution for a busy mama's postpartum nutrition and lactation journey.

The Search for a Clean All-In-One Plant Based Postpartum Supplement Ends Here:

Advance Your Healing

Every blend we make addresses all the elements a mom needs to address healing after having a baby the first year and beyond. Our formula offers you a complete vitamin, essential minerals, and pre/probiotics for gut health! It is delicious, vegan and all natural too!

Improve Your Mood

We address your mental health directly by taking special care of your wellbeing during the postpartum phase when baby blues and postpartum depression can occur. We include Adaptogen ingredients to enhance mood and help your body manage stress.

Get Lactation Essentials

Nurturing your body and taking care of self is the first step to healthy and abundant lactation. Our easy to prepare all in one protein powder is dairy free, gluten free, fenugreek free and can be easily added to smoothies. We include the best galactagogues on the market to keep the milk flowing and improve your milk quality. We assure you we’ve got all the bases covered!

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Is it safe to supplement during my reproductive journey?

Supplementing during your reproductive journey is recommended- before during and after pregnancy. While the preference is to get all your nutrients from whole foods, busy moms with multiple competing priorities can benefit from a simple solution that addresses their body's changing needs during this time.

What does Nisus mean?

Nisus means a mental or physical effort to attain a goal or realize an aim. When it comes to motherhood there is no stopping moms. They are living the nisus life. We know life can get busy while moms strive for what matters most to them. Nisus Life is meant to simplify the journey while keeping them healthy and nourished so they focus on what matters most to them.

What makes Nisus Life different from other products?

Nisus Life eliminates the need for research and guess work when it comes to knowing exactly what your body needs at each stage. At each stage, from preconception to postpartum, a woman's body has different nutritional requirements along with the need to nurture their guts. All our formulas are nurse created and nutritionist approved in order to provide optimal benefit wherever you are on your reproductive journey.

What products do you have available?

After two years in the making , we are launching our Postpartum and Lactation Protein Powder in 2022. Stay tuned for product launch events and promotions for your chance to try our product. Subscribe to our mailing list and follow us on social media to join our Nisus Life Community.

Support for the journey

We want to ensure no mother feels inadequate during their reproductive journey. We want to preserve the beauty of this special time of rapid change in her life. We did all the research for you so you can concentrate on what matters most, while trusting that your body is getting all it needs. Our goal is to make health simple, yet attainable to every woman so that you are empowered by knowing you have say over your wellbeing while feeling fabulous and nourished.

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Our Blog

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Nisus Life is an all in one solution for each stage of your reproductive journey.

Nisus Life is the only supplement line on the market that takes care of a woman’s physical needs from preconception through the postpartum stages while also caring for your baby’s microbiome health.




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