Making Health Simple during Motherhood

Your body has many demands and we can help you meet them!

  • We want to make your complex nutrition needs as simple, delicious and easy as possible.

  • We focus on making products that meet your body's specific nutrition needs based on the stage you are in.

  • Our formula's approach is backed by research and science. No guess work here!

  • We carefully chose all the ingredients to make sure they are natural, healthy and provide maximum benefit to you and your baby.

  • We make all-in-one solutions, so you don't have to buy multiple products to give your body what it needs.

  • Our formulas are registered nurse created and expert approved. Know your health is our priority.

  • We aim to make health accessible to all women so your ourcomes are always in your favor.

Especially Made for you Mama!

A Message from Nurse Massiel Founder and Creator of Nisus Life

  • If you had a baby, want to nourish your body, and would love to make more milk, then you are in the right place!

  • Your changing body has specific yet complex nutritional needs that can be hard keep up with. No worries, we've got you!

  • Our goal is to make health simple for you. Now you can have it in a delicious shake while hitting all your goals!

  • Our all-in-one solution helps you nurture your healing body and provides the nutrients needed to meet all the demands at this stage.

  • It is tailored for the specific nutritional needs of the busy mama who is looking to breastfeed successfully.

  • Our product is Registered Nurse created to make sure the health of you and your baby come first.

Major Ingredients:

  • 15 g of Clean Vegan Protein

    Additional protein intake is essential for healing and conservation of your body during the postpartum period in order produce milk to support your baby's growth. Enjoy a blend of pea and Brown rice protein in our formula.

  • Vitamins and Minerals

    Your body has increased requirements for various essential nutrients during this time that are required to produce high quality milk and restore your body to pre-pregnancy state.

  • Proprietary Galactagogue Blend

    Our proprietary blend of fennel seed, anise seed, turmeric root, and moringa oleifera has great lactation benefits while minimizing side effects to you and your baby.

  • Super Antioxidant & Mood Blend

    Keeping the baby blues and every day stressors at bay is facilitated by natural antioxidant adaptogens such as blueberries, citrus and holy basil.

  • Pre and Probiotic Blend

    A healthy balance of gut bacteria influences mood, digestion and the immunity. Our blend provides you with Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Prebiotics in order to meet these essential needs.

Postpartum & Lactation Protein Powder Testimonials


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What are Galactagogues?

Galactagogues are substances that aid in increasing milk supply. We chose the best natural galactagogues available and included them in our postpartum & lactation protein powder. We include fennel seed, anise seed, turmeric root, and Moringa in our galactagogue blend. Moringa may not only support milk supply but also supports healthy inflammation levels.

What is an adaptogen and antioxidants?

Adaptogens have been used for hundreds of years In Ayurvedic healing practices. They are components of herbal medicines that are said to help with the body's ability in dealing with physical and emotional stresses. Antioxidants are natural substances that may prevent or delay some types of cell damage. We include antioxidants and adaptogens in our postpartum & lactation protein powder. Basically, they help with mood and stress support. Nisus Life is the only product that addresses postpartum mood and stress concerns with adaptogens holy basil and ashwagandha. This is a significant added plus since maternal mental health is finally becoming better recognized, and adaptogens are growing in popularity.

What are pre and probiotics?

Probiotics are live microorganisms that provide health benefits to restore the gut flora improving gut health. While a few of the other products only contain probiotics, Nisus Life provides comprehensive gut support because it has prebiotics. Prebiotics are the fuel for gut bacteria (probiotics), which are critical for long-term gut health. Without prebiotics, the benefit of probiotics can be transient.

Why should I choose Nisus Life Postpartum?

The products nourish moms from the inside out through whole-person wellness. We only focused on healthy progress and health for your body. We support healthy postpartum weight by helping you achieve nutrient needs along with energy and mood support. We also focus on making sure we include essential ingredients that help your body have a gentle return to your pre-pregnancy state.

Should a I take a postpartum vitamin while taking the Postpartum & Lactation Protein Powder?

No need for that! Our formula is a complete supplement. You don’t (and shouldn’t) take an additional vitamin if you use the Nisus Life protein powder daily. Nutrients are equivalent to taking a prenatal for postpartum support (which is recommended, especially for breastfeeding mothers). We also use bioactive forms of many vitamins. For example, vitamin A as retinyl palmitate instead of beta carotene, which needs to be activated by the body.

How do I take the Postpartum & Lactation Protein Powder?

It is easy! Blend 12 oz of your favorite nondairy milk or liquid, add healthy ingredients, one scoop of protein powder and enjoy! You have a smoothie, shake or even a meal replacement if you wish!

Nisus Life Journey Brand:

  • Once per day at any stage of your reproductive journey
  • We address the health and immunity needs of your baby for the first year of life
  • All natural , no synthetic ingredients, gluten-free, dairy-free, and fenugreek-free
  • Our postpartum formula addresses mother’s need to combat postpartum baby blues and increase milk supply
  • One easy scoop will provide you all the nutritional needs you need at any stage of your journey

The Other Brands:

  • Focus on one stage of your journey leaving you to figure the rest on your own
  • Have multiple messy powders and large pills that need to be taken several times per day while still not providing adequate nutrition
  • Most brands are not addressing the needs of your newborn
  • Other brands use artificial ingredients including fillers that decrease milk supply and cause baby colic
  • Other brands don’t address a mother’s needs to regulate mood


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